Let’s Face It, Li-Ning Is A Serious Sneaker Contender And Here’s Why | WDHANFTSY

  • By Nabil Kamal
  • Nov 27
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Li-Ning’s participation in New York Fashion Week 2018 was a big surprise, and while the apparel designs were good, the shoes were the real highlights of the show.

Bringing in 5 designs in one go, the Essence 1 and Essence 2 presents a futuristic outlook on what a shoe can be, resembling space like footwear while the other 3 models, the 2020 ACE, the Furious Rider ACE, and the Arc ACE are all NYFW exclusives, and aren’t available to purchase sans a limited drop in China.

Looking at the designs and complexity of it all, it’s easy to mistake the model in the luxury category competing against the likes of Balenciaga and Versace, but the quality far exceeds the sticker price of the shoe, which is estimated to be in the low RM 600s.

It’s not easy to be blown away by shoes, but Li-Ning have done an absolutely fantastic job doing so.

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