SneakerLAH’s Sneaker Social Experiment

  • By Yasmeen Costelo
  • Sep 13
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We’ve seen many videos of social experiments done in Malaysia, but no one has really done any social experiment relating to sneakers. So we decided to do our own experiment. The goal here is to see how crazy our sneaker scene can get over a pair of shoe.

What we did was we teased our followers on Instagram the night before, that we will be doing a treasure hunt around town, and whoever gets to find the pair, we will give him/her a pair of Yeezy Boost 350 FOR FREE. We told them will be giving out clues through our Instagram stories so stay tuned. But little did they know that we would throw it up on a telephone line, and get them to figure out how to take it down.

Our first clue was given out around 5.15am, the 2nd clue was around 5.30am, 3rd clue was around 6am, and finally the last clue was around 6.15am. By the time 630am came, there was about 20 plus dudes trying their luck to get the pair already. And majority of them had not slept the night before.

Check out what went down with our experiment by watching the video above.

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