Zulvanny Bares The Hard Work Behind Being A Fashion Stylist | From The Thread EP 16

  • By Nabil Kamal
  • Sep 4
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From working with Director X (whose name she forgot), styling a wealth of local celebrities from Yuna, Bil Musa, Airliftz, Zamaera and Lil Asian Thiccie, Zulvanny (@thezulvanny) has already had plenty of experience in getting her feet wet in the industry, but it wasn’t always all sunshine and rainbows. Listen in to the podcast as she details how she pestered renowned stylist Haida Yusof (@haidayusof) in order to get a chance to work with her, her crazy work schedule, and misconceptions of being a fashion stylist.


1:05 – Guest introduction

1:23 – Styling Yuna & G-Eazy

2:30 – Typical day for a fashion stylist

3:35 – Zulvanny in KLFW

4:35 – How Zulvanny became a fashion stylist

5:41 – Zulvanny ‘harrasing’ her mentor

7:03 – Getting to work with Director X

9:25 – Funny incident

10:40 – Preparation duration for a job

12:55 – Misconception of being a fashion stylist

15:28 – “That’s why I instastory everything so they know”

16:55 – International brand that Zulvanny wants to colab with

19:55 – Styling men in women’s clothing

20:21 – “All chest no legs!”

21:38 – Styling preferences

22:20 – Why does she prefer styling on music videos more than others

25:00 – Flex in music video but basic bitch in real life

29:23 – Mini goals to achieve

29:43 – Who Zulvanny really wants to style

35:55 – Top stylish celebrities

37:23 – End goal

42:55 – Advice

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