Idle/Ido Travels Into The Mind For Its Fourth Collection

  • By Nabil Kamal
  • Jan 2
  • 0

Concepts can sometimes get lost during the ideation phase following up to the execution, but Idle/ido have it pretty much spot on in their Volume 4 Collection. A journey into the mind, to explore thoughts that lead to the formation of ideas to the end product. Which is basically a convoluted way of saying the whole collection is an exercise in thought process from a third party perspective.

Regardless of interpretation, Idle/ido brings a fairly minimalist design stature that infuses a small degree of variations and combinations in some of its pieces. 5 shirts make up the collection, with one overshirt, cap and cropped pants rounding out the others. Relatively simple in design, the apparel places it focus more on the material and quality of said apparel rather than design, as the artworks are kept to a distant hush when presented on the shirt.

The highlight of the collection however, is the cropped pants, with oversized outer pockets and extra butt pocket for added measure.

Price ranges from RM 120 for the cap and all the way to RM 490 for the cropped pants. Head on to Idle/ido’s site to see the collection.

For more apparel news, KOZO just introduced their menswear line in their latest collection.

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